Shamel Ash Trees Are Great Shade Trees For The AZ Desert

This video shows 10 year old Shamel Ash trees (botanical name Fraxinus uhdei) in turf areas that have grown to be about 40-50 feet in height with a 40 foot diameter.  We even have an example of the same trees that were planted at the same time in granite areas on the neighboring property that are only half the size due to getting less water from the normal drip system.  These trees grow upright and provide wonderful shade since they grow to be between 40-80 feet tall and do not require much maintenance.  They are briefly deciduous in the winter months (they lose their leaves sometimes) and are more prone to do this when they are younger.  They also grow seedlings if they are female trees since 1 out of the 4 trees in this yard have these seedlings.  The leaves are a compound leaf with 7 pedals on each leaf branch (depending on variety).  These trees grow best in full sun and are frost tolerant and require moderate watering but can take poor dry soil.  These trees do very well in turf but can grow so quick that the roots will surface and possibly cause damage.  These trees are native to Central America and are full of pollen during the springtime.

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