Should You Install Sprinklers Before You Sod In Phoenix?

Should You Install Sprinklers Before You Sod In Phoenix?  

Recently, a Phoenix landscaping customer requested a bid for new grass to be installed at their property.  Great!  Due to the many health benefits of having a grass lawn, we love installing new sod for Phoenix homeowners.  So what’s the problem?  The property owner did not want to spend the money for a new sprinkler system.

Installing mid iron Bermuda grass without a sprinkler system can be a very costly mistake.  Newly planted sod requires heavy water to keep moist for 20-30 days to get established in a new yard.  It’s very difficult to get enough water onto the entire grass lawn without a sprinkler system. Without maximum coverage and closely monitored watering, you can either underwater (more common) or over water areas that may pool to much and that too can kill grass.

I can’t say this enough – It’s vital to have a sprinkler system before installing sod.  My experiences in the past has been the grass usually starts to die within 24-hours after installation.

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